Decoupled and integration survey: help shape Drupal’s JSON:API’s future

I joined the JSON:API team last summer to help JSON:API move forward faster. Since then quite a few bugs have been fixed, new PHP API’s through hooks and events have been added and a lot of inconsistencies have been fixed.

Today we ask for your help. Are you using JSON:API to build decoupled applications or integrate Drupal in your organization’s IT landscape? Consider filling out our survey. The results of the survey will be used as the basis of the JSON:API roadmap for next year. Developing what the community and Drupal needs to stay relevant.

Have you been using Drupal’s JSON:API for building headless applications or system integration? Or have you explicitly chosen not to? Please consider helping us by filling out our ‘decoupled and integration survey’, it won’t take more than 5 minuten of your time.

You can find the blogpost with survey here:

Or open the survey directly

Building the trusted web with blockchain timestamps – DrupalCon Europe 2021

The internet is broken. We are slowly loosing trust in what we see and read on the internet. How can we bring back accountability and transparency on the net. Trust must become part of the internet’s DNA.

The solution is timestamping content on blockchain technology. From news outlets, to legal documents, ecommerce and social media. Timestamping is an open source solution to restore trust in the internet.

Each piece of content has an unique fingerprint, the hash. This hash is unique to that state of the content. Change any detail in the content and the hash will change. By storing the hash on a blockchain transaction you can forever prove that state of the content at a certain time.

The session was recorded and published on YouTube.