DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023: Project update bot – Road to Drupal 11

This year I ended up at DrupalCon again. Was loads of fun my US friends again. And finally meet so many that weren’t here last year. This year I gave a session on Project update bot, and how we will make the road to Drupal 11 even easier.

Drupal.org’s Project Update Bot was originally built for the Drupal 8 to 9 upgrade and is running again helping maintainers to make drupal.org projects compatible with Drupal 10 as well. It automatically opens issues in drupal.org projects’ issue queues when there is a Drupal 10 incompatibility identified, and provides a best effort fix as well. Then project maintainers and users can further refine the fix and include it in the project at their own timeframe.

With Drupal 10 launched it’s time to look forward at Drupal 11. The spike in work around the Drupal 10 launch put a lot of stress on core maintainers. the people working on PHPStan, the update bot and even project maintainers.

We will use this session to evaluate what went well, what should improve and how we can make Drupal.org’s Project Update Bot a continuous process that will help module developers during the whole Drupal 10 lifecycle, helping everyone’s transition into Drupal 11 be an even smoother experience.

Download the slides here: https://www.swis.nl/project-update-bot-road-to-drupal-11

The session is also available on YouTube if you’ve missed it 🙂

Björn Brala

CTO at SWIS, Drupal JSON:API core maitainer, Board member Dutch Drupal Association, PHP and infrastructure enthusiast ;)