Yes, a blog

bjorn-brala-borderI’ve been dancing around starting a blog for quite a while now. There have been quite a few times when I wanted to share something I made, but could not really find a real place to do it. Guessing this will be the place.

I’ll probably mostly be blogging of things i do related to web development. I’ve been a developer for quite a while now, starting when I built my own webshop selling old game consoles, games and merchandise with a friend. I studied ICT in Leiden back then, and ended my study at SWIS, building a maps application names GeoStart. That was quite a lot of fun, and I fell in love with that company.

After i finished my Bachelor’s degree I ended up staying, growing with the company. I did quite a lot of fun projects there as lead developer, or as a colleague once put it, the technical conscious of SWIS.

Web development has changed quite a lot in the last 14 years, and in my opinion got a lot more fun. Hopefully I can share a bit of my joy and pride here.

Björn Brala

CTO at SWIS, Drupal JSON:API core maitainer, Board member Dutch Drupal Association, PHP and infrastructure enthusiast ;)